"My aim is to get 'everyone' knitting something to be proud of"

I now have a new collection of patterns - All Square 'Additions' - also available as instant downloads via my 'Online Shop'.  Please go to my All Square Additions page for more details.

Welcome -

My name is Pat Watson and I am crazy about knitting!  Old enough to have witnessed the steady decline of this age old craft, but still young enough to be part of the new surge of interest that today's 'fashion' yarns are bringing to experiment with and enjoy!  Too many to mention by name, but I am a huge fan of the 'textured' yarns that help make my 'easy knit' patterns so popular.  'allsquareknits' concentrates primarily on using a combination of simple garter stitch squares to create new designs which are ultra easy to follow and such fun to do.  Nothing could be easier ........... here are some of my designs -